Foothills Centre for Change

Foothills Centre for Change is a private Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre, featuring a warm and intimate home with private rooms.  We provide services to adult men and women who struggle with an addictive lifestyle. Our focus is holistic in nature, concentrating on the bio psychosocial-spiritual areas of all our guests. We are trauma informed, and use a combination of proven and evidence based methods to treat addiction and prevent future relapses from occurring.

We integrate a balance of individual and group therapy sessions, an overall wellness program, meetings, social activities, exercise, healthy meals and time for rest, relaxation and reflection. We have a massage therapist, infra-red sauna, on-site gym, and easy access to a local physician, all designed to meet the physical, emotional, psychological, and social needs of each one of our guests. Our small client population allows the opportunity to connect with one another and provides more one to one counselling time than most other treatment resources.

Our support team and clinicians are highly skilled and educated professionals who utilize a variety of therapeutic processes to personalize individual treatment. They have had their lives touched by addiction personally, so helping others achieve recovery is done with compassion and dedication. We also develop an individualized aftercare plan and we maintain regular contact for a minimum of a year. We also schedule Alumni Activities during the year, and offer a weekly alumni check-in, to make it easier for clients to keep up with the friends they made and to further support their recovery.

We take the recovery process very seriously, so if you or a loved one are dealing with a substance use problem, Foothills Centre for Change is the solution.

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4891 Foothills Rd
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 3C2 Canada

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250-804-6549 (Main)
1-844-366-8445 (Toll-Free)

Owner Name: Parris Windsor

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