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At GLOW Auto Wash, environmental stewardship is at the core of our business model. Our mission is to provide the highest quality wash experience to each of our guests by investing in the latest wash technologies and partnering with Canada’s only environmentally sustainable soap distributor TURTLE WAX PRO

At GLOW, we have invested in the Purwater Recovery System, comprising of two primary components: the underground reclaim tanks and the above ground Purwater unit.

A Purwater Reclaim System takes water from the last compartment of the reclaim tank and further treats it to ensure quality in re-use. A portion is also returned to the reclaim systems tanks to provide biological control. The reclaim system is designed to separate settable solids and free oils from the water used in each wash. This minimizes the levels of incoming freshwater and provides high-quality re-suable water throughout your wash experience. Reclaim water is the re-use water that has already been used in the wash and recovered by the drain system in the wash bay. Typically 60 – 85% of the water use in each wash can be reclaim water.

In comparison to washing your vehicle at home, which uses between 100-120 gallons of water, each vehicle washed at GLOW uses on average 62.8 gallons of water with 67.87% of the total water used being reclaim water.

​We are proud to offer this environmentally-conscientious wash system and invite you to come by either of our two locations and check us out.

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915 Lakeshore Drive SW
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1E4 

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250 517-8578

411 - 10 Street SW
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Owner Name: Carmen Haarsma

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