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Sterling Silver Media specializes in making your ad dollars work. By building a database first we are able to increase the value of your company while making it cheaper to advertise. We are able to collect people’s personal information like anniversaries, birthdays, emails, phone numbers and use it to talk to your customers specifically and intentionally for maximum return on marketing dollars.

We track how well our advertising efforts are working by tracking everything from opt-in to the sale and if it is not working we change it. We know exactly how much money has gone back into the register and we give every client a live updated dashboard so they can see the results themselves in realtime.

Bring your marketing to 2020 by having a trackable full out marketing plan. Facebook, Instagram, Messanger, Email, Text, Content.

Know. Like. Trust. It has always been the way of marketing, now you can just do it better and at scale.


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We also manage Shuswaps Best Podcast/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube

Wish to be a guest? Connect with me. 250 515-3268

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