Canva & Chill – Interactive Social Media Workshop Series (Session #1/4)

Have you ever thought you could create cool posters, designs, social media posts by yourself? Have you been scared to try because you’re not ‘computery’ or it seems too difficult? Well let’s learn it together in a fun and chill environment. Come and join Megan Hamlet of ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd. while she takes you through a fun, informative and hands on lunch and learn of Canva. What IS Canva? Launched in 2013 Canva is a free online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. We will spend 1.5 hours learning about the tools, understanding what is possible in Canva, what kinds of things you could do in your business and how you can save money and spark creativity from your own laptop, phone or computer! This will be a collaborative, hands on workshop where you can see Megan practice and teach while she is in the program herself, and try from your computer to begin creating. All questions and levels welcome! Best suited to be at a PC or Laptop, with a good internet connection and a mouse. Bring your favourite coffee or other drink, your questions and a sense of humour. You can expect to take away a good overview knowledge of the program and an introduction to the ‘how do I make it work for me’. We will have fun first, and learn some design tricks second!. This will be an inclusive and safe learning environment.

Link to Session #2: Lattes & LinkedIn

Link to Session #3: Spark Your Social Media

Link to Session #4: Super Charge Your Social Media

Single Session: $ 25.00
All Workshop Sessions: $ 80.00
Single Session (non member): $ 45.00
All Workshop Session (non member): $ 160.00
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