Advertising Opportunities

In addition to our Member2Member Benefits Program, the Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities for our members:

Website Advertising:

AdvertisementPrice+ GSTTotal
Website Footer Banner$150.00$7.50$157.00
Website Internal Page Advertisement$50.00$2.50$52.50
*Contact us for non-member rates

Social Media Advertising:

AdvertisementPrice+ GSTTotal
Newsletter Advertisement$75$3.75$78.75
Social Media Post (per post)$10$0.50$10.50
E-Notice $47.62$2.38$50.00
*10% additional for non-member rates

Members receive a $200 advertising credit as part of their membership fees

Website Banner

Price quoted is on a monthly basis. All advertisements will be located on the bottom banner and will display on a rotating basis with additional paid advertisers. Banner images should be 1200 pixels x 200 pixels.

Newsletter Advertising

Our newsletters are distributed to over 500 email addresses on a monthly basis. The distribution includes various Salmon Arm Chamber member businesses, plus other community members who subscribe to our mailing list. Provide us with a picture and description of up to 200 words to place in a premium location in our newsletter. We will also share your advertisement to our Social Media Platforms


Share your videos on our Social Media platforms to expand your reach. We will keep the video on our website for 1 month and will keep on our Chamber YouTube Channel forever.

Internal Page Advertisement

Price quoted is on a monthly basis. Your advertisement will be located on a rotating banner on one of our internal pages throughout our website. Limit to 4 businesses per page. First come first serve on available placement.


E-Notice advertisements/announcements are distributed to our Chamber membership and are an effective way to advertise or announce a special event or happening in your business or organization. E-notice can contain an advertisement image (image size 1080×1080) and up to 1500 characters of content. Only one paid e-notice will be sent out per week and will be delivered on the Tuesday of each week excluding the first Tuesday of the month.

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