Take an active role in the Salmon Arm Business Community!

We welcome all chamber members to provide input and support to Chamber initiatives. Committees are formed with specific objectives to help the Chamber best support the needs of the Salmon Arm Business Community. Within a Committee, members share insight, ideas and brainstorm recommendations that the Committee Chair brings to the Board of Directors. Involvement in Committees really depends on the member’s desire to assist and which tasks they wish to take on to help meet the initiatives set out by the Chamber Board of Directors.

Board committees look at governance and policy within the Chamber of Commerce and report directly to the Board of Directors, the Staff Committees are operational in nature and deal with the day-to-day activities of the Chamber of Commerce, and the committee reports directly to the Executive Director.

Governance Committee (Board Committee)

Committee Chair: Ryan Scorgie

Committee Members:

Policy Committee (Board Committee)

Committee Chair: Joel Rooke

Committee Members: Ryan Scorgie

Marketing and Advertising (Staff Committee)


The Marketing and Advertising Committee’s purpose is to develop a marketing strategy for the Chamber of Commerce which includes but is not limited to:

  • Webpage
  • Social Media
  • Digital and Print marketing and advertising


To provide advice to the Board with respect to the Committee’s purpose:

  • Conducting an annual review of current and past marketing and advertising to ensure that all methods further the mission of the Chamber of Commerce
  • To ensure that branding is up-to-date and consistent
  • To ensure the SACOC budgets reflect the needs of marketing and advertising to successfully promote the Chamber business

Events (Staff Committee)


The Events Committee’s purpose is to facilitate the development, planning, and execution of the SACOC’s major annual events. (these events could include Golf Tournaments, Business Excellence Awards etc.)


To provide advice to the Board with respect to the Committee’s purpose:

  • By conducting an annual review of each event to ensure they are meeting objectives and budget
  • To ensure existing events have continuity
  • Present and evaluate new events to the Board which facilitates and promotes business in Salmon Arm

Membership (Staff Committee)

The Membership Committee’s purpose is to develop and review programming and services that retain and acquire members to their benefit. The Committee is a liaison for Members and obtains its goals annually from the strategic plan

To provide advice to the Board with respect to the Committee’s purpose:
By conducting an annual review of:

  • The SACOC benefits program
  • The SACOC’s regular programs and services
  • The SACOC’s membership fees and categories

By reporting to the Board:

  • Revisions to the existing events, and development of new services and programs (events could include breakfasts, luncheons, Business After Business, educational seminars etc.)

Interested in attending a committee meeting or joining a committee?

Please contact Shelley Desautels at or call 250-832-6247 to learn more about joining a committee and to be added to an upcoming committee event invitation.